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If you haven't used Temu yet it may be worth a look. First time users get a deal like this Baofeng radio below for $2.99. Now, having said this..there's a lot of imported crap to be had..but there's also low cost deals on those disposable items that you'd be paying way too much anywhere utility belts, clamps, hinges, some carpentry items/tools, clothing etc. Pick and choose items with discretion.

I usually buy a few items and if they're quality meets my needs, I buy more. Haven't been burned yet. The regular price for a Baofeng radio here is still a good deal at $25.

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Temu steals user data (like a lot of other sites) but also financial data... there have been reports of cards being used to purchase 3rd party gift cards - read more about their parent company here ->


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Good tool to have around the truck.
This is not a bad Team Red deal... 3/8" ratchet with 5.0 batt for $119+tax at Northern Tool.
It is non-fuel version, so lower torque... but does the job to quickly zip nuts on & off.
Shipping should be free.



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Leatherman wave is $20 off on Amazon and leatherman’s website.

I have been collecting leathermans now ….


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Nuts & bolts for all the tools you bought bc of this post.

I think this is a pretty good deal considering I just paid $5 for one m8 bolt and 2 washers at ACE Hardware.

LUPANTER 705 pcs Metric Bolt and Nut Set - M6/M8/M10/M12 Grade 8 Heavy Duty Hexagon Bolts and Nuts Assortment Kit with Yellow Zinc Plated Coating,includs 15 Common Sizes