Tire pressure monitoring antenna


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I took the wheel well cover out to replace right front upper control arm. I didn’t pay attention to where the tpms antenna came from when replacing the plastic wheel well cover. I didn’t see any place to attach it.

Like a dummy, I pushed it up towards the bumper and replaced the cover and wheel and went for a test drive.

Now the tire pressure monitoring system fault light is on. What to do now?

Can someone tell me the proper location for the antenna? It must attach somewhere to the wheel well. Are there some connecting tabs? Is there a way to get the fault light to go off? Is disconnecting the battery or connecting the terminals together for some sorry of reset a bad idea?

Thanks for any and all comments.


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What model? LR3 and RRS are attached to the wheel arch liner. L322 might be as well. They aren’t actually antennas and they just need to be near the wheel. I’ve seen plenty over the years that were just dangling with no issues.


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Thanks for your response. It is 2007 lr3. I

Didn’t have any issues before this repair began. I Wonder if the antenna is too far away by being under bumper.
How to clear the fault message without taking to a dealer ? Have not checked any tire pressures but they do not look low. Maybe if I had stopped driving it once yellow light first came on then I wouldn’t be stuck with the fault message.


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Thanks again
The yellow circle light flashes for several seconds followed by being solid and the fault message for the pressure monitoring system stays on