The amount of attention is surprising

John Z

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Since the Rona started I haven't taken the subway and I've been driving in and out of Manhattan and I'm so surprised by the amount of attention this thing gets. It's kinda awkward since everyone is eye level. I tried to get the back windows tinted but the shop wouldn't because the sliders "would peel the tint"

My other car that I daily drove before I got the truck is a Lotus Evora and I guess because it's so low and I can't see people I never noticed as much as the truck.


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My wife likes to point out every time we drive by a couple, that it is always the guy that keeps looking. Girls don't hardly notice these trucks.
She says the box shape appeals to our "male caveman" ancestry from a time when we pushed blocks around before wheels were invented.


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I regularly drive a 3 door G wagon and never get as much as a second look.

I recently picked up my 110 from port and while I was trailering it home on the highway at least 5 different cars pulled beside me, slowed down, and gave me the thumbs up sign..

Something about these trucks that just commands attention


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Nearly every time I drive mine I get stopped and asked questions. I see people taking pictures of it while on the highway. My wife says if we divorce, she get the Defender since it is such a man-magnet.


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It doesn’t matter the condition of these trucks, they get attention from big kids and little ones.


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I don’t think my D90 got a lot of attention when we lived in NYC and I drove in Manhattan


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In the 80" last spring & a Dodge minivan pulls along side...tween-age girl slides the door open & takes Mom!?


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My Defender also get attention. Once while driving through a very slow construction zone I noticed one of the road workers videoing my rig. I like the fact that my Defender causes people to smile. Life these days is hard on some people and If my driving by causes them to smile and for even a brief moment forget about all the hassles well then Im very glad I was able to do that for them.