T-posts $350 obo or free to a good home!


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One I think is savable, the other maybe.
Wont ship, will give away to the right person. (High post count regular, service member, etc)


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If you want just the straight B pillar, they might be shipable
doesn’t seem anyone wants to pick them up
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He’s gonna take them. He’s actually delivering something to someone on Saturday who’s buying something from me today, so it worked out perfect. And he’s gonna try and repair and use them
Thanks for the T-posts Tom! Much much better than the ones I have. And with some repairs and galvy dip they will be better than new.

DM if you want my old B-pillars - they are crusty but may work for your project.
If they're crusty they won't work. Was hoping to find something cheaper than new, but still needs to be solid.