SOLD Genuine 93' Sabah Malaysia Camel Trophy Defender 110 Marshal




is the only year TEAM USA won the Camel Trophy in its 20 year history, with legendary Discovery drivers Tim Hensley and Michael Hussey. This Defender 110 was a Marshal Vehicle that very same year.


Original UK Reg number: K317 YKV
Year: 1992
Maker: Land Rover
Model: Defender 110
Engine: 200Tdi(Turbo Diesel Injected)
Transmission: upgraded R380
Transfer case: LT230
Braking: disc brakes front and rear
Equipment: ANR1534 rims, Mud tires, Brownchurch roof rack, Original CT brush guard, 10,000lb Husky Superwinch(included), dual fuel tanks, Hella 1000 lights.

Media Features
  • page 188 1994 edition of "Camel Trophy - The Great Adventure" book. Official Camel Trophy book.(see attached photo from the rear)
  • page 44-47 October 1998 Issue 11 Land Rover Owner International "Sands of Time".
  • Numerous Camel Trophy 93' event photos of K317 YKV exist.
Known Vehicle History
  • Build date: July 15,1992
  • ~1992 deployed from Land Rover factory to Poland for Camel Trophy Driver training.
  • ~1993 redeployed to Sabah Malaysia for Camel Trophy 93'.
  • Owner 1: ~1995-~1997 Won Superwinch competition at Eastnor Castle, used on expedition to Morocco and the Sahara Desert.
  • Owner 2: ~1999-~2004, Vehicle was rolled over in UK, fully restored by highly qualified shop and shipped to Namibia in Africa. Driven back to UK via Egypt and Saudi Arabia after spending several years in Zambia, where it was serviced by Foley Special Vehicles.
  • Owner 3: ~2005-2010, Camel Trophy Enthusiast, shipped to Livingstone Zambia. Used as Safari Companies rental fleet support vehicle.
  • Owner 4: 2010-2017 Land Rover collector in South Africa. Mostly stored indoors.
  • Owner 5: 2017-present, American Land Rover Enthusiast. Lightly restored in Cape Town. Imported to USA 2019. Titled in North Carolina.
Overall Condition

K317 YKV has lead a very interesting life. This vehicle and its history are well known by the Official Camel Trophy Club in the UK. There are several parts of K317 that are not original such as the roof rack and seats. There are a few Camel Trophy parts that are missing, which can easily be acquired such as...pick ax, shovel, sand ladders and limb risers. This vehicle currently runs very well and shifts smoothly. The timing belt history of K317 is unknown to the current owner and should be replaced by the next owner. There is no heater box installed in K317 or battery kill switch. Headliner is new. There was previously a sunroof installed. An aluminum patch now covers the hole.

Additional information

K317 is located in Wake Forest, North Carolina, 20 minutes from Raleigh-Durham International Airport(RDU) and is available for viewing. Prepurchase inspection is highly recommended. A Dropbox album with 170 photos is available.

Thank you for viewing this listing.



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Hope the English number plates go with the vehicle.

Actually do not have the original number plates. Does anyone know of a good source for a new vanity number plates?

The original number plate is available in the UK, has not been reassigned. If you shipped the truck back to the UK you could probably get it!


You can contact any company that makes them and order them. Don’t think you need the registration.

I tried a company in the UK and they wanted the V5. And stateside I found someone that made the front plate, but not the yellow back plate. And the font was not the same on the one I found.


Founding Member
I can try to ask a shop in person next time I’m there. Do you have the export documentation? They might take that.


Well-known member is where I got my Alfa number plate. Expensive but nice and good service as they made sure I got what I really wanted. They didn't just send out what I ordered (wrong) as many other places would have.