Silicone tape

chris snell

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Anybody have experience with silicone tape and coolant hoses? I accidentally put a pinhole in a brand new $250 silicone coolant hose with a sharp hose hook (don't ask). I've heard good things about this tape and wondering whether it forms a permanent, trustworthy solution or if it's just a hack to get you home.


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It makes an excellent, weatherproof, removable seal over electrical connectors. Wouldn't trust it for other than temporary use on fluid hoses IMO.

Uncle Douglas

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I limped a sportfish in from 34 mlies out with the 8 inch raw water exhaust hose wrapped with an entire roll of the stuff.
Kept the sea water out of the bilge. Have never used it on a rover. First introduced to the stuff @ boat shows in the late 90's.