Shop recommendations for LS swap


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My guess is there is a thread somewhere with this in it, would make a great sticky though for sure. I have a client looking at doing an LS swap in an '88 D110 (currently has 19J in it)...any recommendations east of the Mississippi of the best shops to check? I need to get a quick high level quote. Would love to support someone here on the forum if possible. Thanks in advance.


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While I have no personal experience with either, I would vote either Geared Restoration Co. (Ash) or Safari HP. Both of them look like they know whats going on. Both are in Florida.


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Ash or Safari for sure. Both have a long list of satiated customers who are active members of our community. Safari HP is also a supporter of our Arizona Land Rover Club.


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Any recommendations for shops on the left coast fellas for an LS transplant? I?d be fine with the big pieces, scared of the fitting the ancillaries, linkages, and Electronics....

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Ash did my LS swap and did a great job. I was living in Austin, TX at the time and shipped the truck to Florida. I'm now in Las Vegas and have had great luck with Retro Rover's conveniently located here. Ben is wrapping up two LS3 conversions right now.

For other west coast options, contact Nick Markiw. I think he knows a couple of shops in Southern California that are familiar with his kits.