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I’m here in Carlisle, PA if you need help.

I did my own trip like this many moons ago. Picked my new-to-me 110 up at the port in Galveston, TX and drove it to Colorado and then on to Tacoma, WA:

I'm in Philly, same offer not sure how east you'll stay headed to Rochester though.


Made it home last night about 1730. About 33 hours of driving. I just had a few electrical issues. I lost my temp and fuel gauges. I replaced a blown fuse and the rest of day 1 and day 2 were great. Well, I learned a 1/4 tank means I’m out of fuel. Took a little walk, met a great young Marine, and was back on the road. Day 3 from Port Royal, VA through PA was a little tougher. I’m guessing it was the rain. Lost a wiper. Had to go back and get it. That made me laugh. But had electrical issues again. I lost temp and fuel gauges and headlights and turn signals. Spent some time in an Autozone parking lot checking and replacing fuses. By that time it had stopped raining. Last 3 hours of driving were great. No other issues. Truck runs great and I could not be happier with my decision to drive it home. Now, time to figure out the fuse issues!

thanks to all for the offers of help. You guys are awesome!


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Lost a wiper. Had to go back and get it.
Great to hear the trip went well. Same thing happened to me with a fairly new ‘95 NAS D90 driving from W. PA. to GA to fetch a Lab puppy. Pouring down rain and wipers on high - as I’m driving watch the passenger side wiper come off and thankfully rest under the front tubing. Put it back on and didn’t have another problem. As the saying goes; Land Rover - making mechanics out of drivers since 1948.