Shipping a roof and sides from the UK to the USA


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Hi Everyone, My brother has purchased a 90 roof and sides from a seller in the UK. Congrats to him, but now the fun starts of trying to figure out how to get it to him. He would like to have it shipped to him in CO. Anyone have any suggestions on how to have something like this shipped or anyone done this before?


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Oh I'm having a similar issue, and maybe this will help you not get caught off guard like I was. Currently have some seats coming from the UK. The seller got a decent priced shipper, seats are all crated up and ready to go and then last minute I get a call asking for my import broker in CA (port of los angeles.) I called around and they want the following (mind you this is only when it hits the port, and is none of the shipping costs)

Broker fee $415
Customs fee $27
Warehouse fee $150
Freight Forwarder Fee $500-$800
Customs fee possible and pro-rated - $300/2000

I can ask the seller for the name of the shipper, but I would suggest someone that can go door to door like DHL without having to bring in 3rd parties etc.

(without hijacking this thread, if anyone has any good brokers/agents in Los Angeles, please DM me)


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Why not just buy some already in the US? We just sold a d90 roof and sides last week. Still have 110 roof and sides


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A few sets of sides on ebay too the last time i checked. Ive seen sides and tops come and go as people convert to ST. Likely can be had for less than the cost of shipping from EU alone.


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well that said, if someone has a 90 roof available, I am sure I could talk him into it. He went the UK route as he didn't know where to buy from or if any were available.