SF Bay Area get together...


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Hi, a few of us in the NorCal-Bay area are planning a brunch gtg this Sunday, August 26th at the Sky Kitchen in San Carlos (at the San Carlos airport). Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/FiCJs6FMQ292

We'll be there around 10:30, and anticipate parking at the far side of the lot from the entrance & restaurant.

See you there!

chris snell

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Wish I could make it. My previous job put me up in a hotel right next to that airport when I'd visit. Now I work for a SF company so I stay in the Financial District or Union Square when I'm out there.

I'm looking at making a trip around October time frame if you guys want to plan something out. Maybe Dan could make the drive down from Lafayette in his sweet 110.


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PM me next time you're in town. Weekday can be difficult with traffic and everyone's work schedules, but with enough lead time... we can try to make something work.

I don't know if I know Dan with a 110. I have a group of local LR owners in a what'sapp... and don't think he's in it.


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Well, hi Dan!

It would be great to see the 110 at the Sunday brunch if you?re avail.
We have a few 90?s and 110?s, along with others.

If you?re interested in joining the what?sapp group, lmk. Though, be warned we can be a chatty bunch - convo is mainly on rovers though. :)