Safari Gard National Press Release


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Kidding, no need for a long winded speech.

It's been a long, interesting ride but Safari Gard products are available again. It's been slow getting started but the trademark was finally registered and we've 3D modeled numerous products to improve and redesign some components. We've built and shipped several Defender bumpers out, track rod guards, D90 corner guards, and a couple D1/D2 rear bumpers. Finishing another batch of Defender bumpers at the moment, then D1/D2 front bumpers.

Here is what has been modeled already:
Defender front bumper (Warn, Husky, hybrid versions)
NAS D90 F/R upper long shock mounts (still need to do lower portion)
Defender 90 rear corner guards
DEF/D1/RRC track rod guard
DEF/DISCO/RRC diff guard (bolt on)
DEF/D1/RRC 3-link system (links have been redesigned, working on sway bar disconnects)
D1/D2 rear bumpers with and without integrated hitches
D1/D2 front bumper
RRC front bumper
D1/D2/RRC SWB and LWB rock sliders with and without tree bars
LR3 front bumper (work in progress to double LR4 fitment)
LR3/4 rock sliders with tree bars
LR3/4 roof rack (side project for a local for now)

Here is what is in line to be modeled:
110 rear corner guards (cough ZG cough)
Defender spare tire carrier
DEF/D1/RRC trailing arms
DEF/D1/RRC mini spring droop kit
D90/110/130 rock sliders
D1/D2 raised tire carrier mount
Spare tire mount for high lift
Potentially Mantec style aluminum snorkels for D1/D2/RRC (Waiting to see if Mantec actually comes back)

There are a ton of other things we'll have available eventually and I've got a couple folks getting a website built that will list everything with prices. For the time being, everything has been posted to social media @SafariGardLLC. Just wanted to go ahead and make a post to let everyone know where things stand at the moment.

For the moment, easiest contact is


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Mini spring droop kits- Retained smaller spring under spring cup for main spring ?
Running these on my trail rig
& feel the mini is too stiff. Works but makes rear too bouncy.

I found a company out in SoCal that used to be a SG distributor. I bought everything they had in storage from old stock. It's these:
Mini Spring.JPG


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Any chance you will be offering springs?

I considered it but after speaking to a few companies, the buy in is just too large at this time. US companies are wanting a 100-250 piece buy-in per spring ID.

Super rad . Does the spare carrier work with drop down tailgate ?

The goal is to redesign the bracketry to accommodate full safari doors and drop down tailgates.


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That would be great because I am really do not want to pay $600 or whatever shipping to get an allosport here