Roof top tent setups


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Everyone has an opinion….. here’s mine:

I’ve had, and been a dealer for multiple RTT brands. I’ve built, purchased and used several different “overland” style trailers. I’ve ground camped from open sky bedrolls to family size tents with cots and wood burning stoves. I currently have an Opus OP4 pop-up camper. The pop-up is the most comfortable and easiest setup for the family. Most of our gear stays in the camper, we just add food/water and we are ready to go. Downside, it’s too big to go the places we like to go, and too heavy for the defender. The RTT on the vehicle has been my least favorite and the least convenient option. It’s been said, but setup takes just as long as a ground tent, you can’t use your vehicle without tearing everything down, center of gravity sucks for narrow/off camber mountain roads and space is limited. My conclusion: a sleep setup in the truck is best when it’s just me, and a small trailer with RTT and storage for additional ground setup is best for the family. Very versatile and easy to change for whatever group is coming along. I hope this is helpful, but at the end of the day just GO!!


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The folks with trailer setups, what is your setup? Pictures?

Everything away when travelling. Everything is stowed away inside like a big trunk.


What is inside, well some of the stuff. (couple campaign chairs, porta potty and other things are still inside)


Set up as looks these days…