Replacement Distributor


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What is the go to replacement distributor for 14cux Rover V8? I see RN has their own proline one ( , DUI is out of the budget for me, then I see the Pertronix D174510, D175520, and D175510. I see that some of the pertronix have their own Ignition Amplifier Modules attached and others are "two wire" set ups.
If I get the two wire set up (D175510 or D174510) do I no longer need an ignition amplifier module? the PDF of the installation instructions show that I can just hook it up to the coil
-What is the difference between the D174510 and the -5510?
If I get the D175520 with the amplifier module attached is that a proprietary amplifier or can I run my Rover one that I've relocated to the inner fender? Or is it better to get the two wire and ditch the amplifier all together?

Thanks for the help!