Rear Tub Removal and Puma 2nd Row Seats

So it begins...

I am planning to convert the 110 to a ST this summer and in the process am considering removing the rear tub to clean it and also clean up/protect the frame. I am looking for advice/tricks as well as any photos/videos that are helpful. My thought is that I will have taken off the roof and sides so it can't possibly be much more work :ROFLMAO:

I also have 2nd row puma seats that were installed years ago when the parts were hard to get and there is a homemade aspect to this I would like to remove and replace with something like the YRM kit so that it looks correct and functions well. Seems like with the tub off this would be a good time to do all of this. Looking for pics and videos here on that as well as advice/tricks.

I don't have much to offer in terms of advice other than solidarity in your quest. I have a 110 Perentie that will get a rear seat in the next few weeks. However, I've ruled out the lock/fold/puma option as I have the very extensive roll cage that the Australian Army fitted so I am going to go with a rear facing, Baja style seat so rear seat passengers are totally under the roll cage. Also, my truck at one point did have a single rear seat for an additional troop, and thus, the tub is a bit of Swiss cheese where the bracing and bracketing were previously; I am going to skin either side of the tub with steel and have a frame for my rear seat welded in.

Essentially, I am recreating this:

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