Rear trailing arm bushing not seating properly what am I doing wrong?


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So I replaced the bushing on the rear trailing arms and I can’t for the life of me get them to seat correctly. I’ve tried various orientations, additions, and subtractions of washers, jacked up the rear to try to coax them into place, etc.

will these just settle in? I think not right?


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It’s fine, even if you install them before the springs go in, the bushing flexes when you drop the axle, you’re good.


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Ugghhh!! Should’ve asked sooner. I wasted a half a day on it.

Do they settle in as they soften? I’ve never seen them look like on other defenders..


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... but if you want them to live longer, shim the top corner of the flange so it sits about 1/16" proud of the frame outrigger.