Rear crossmember replacement needed?


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How bad does the rear crossmember need to be before I "need to" replace it?

See the pic. A little sanding, body filler and flat black paint and I can have it looking new, but I don't want to cover up a safety issue.

The right side is better than the left, as it is just the underside of the part that slopes up to the crossmember that has some flaking. But there is still a little "horse-shoe" of cracking on the vertical part of the crossmember that can be seen. I assume that is where the rail makes a "T" with the crossmember.

The rest of my truck is completely solid, at least I think it is. The rear crossmember has clearly had some work done to it, but it is feels pretty solid. I have yet to go at it hard with a screw driver or anything, yet.



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I'd get it replaced in 12-18 months. That's how mine looked and then it went downhill quickly within a year.


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I don't have a 110 to look at but that looks like it had some plate welded over where the crossmember attaches to the frame. Usually the replacement rear 1/4 pieces get cut to fit or the crossmember just gets welded directly onto the frame where they would cut it off. I think you're talking about that left side where it looks like it's detaching?

Your crossmember itself looks solid. Where it attaches to the frame is what needs to be addressed. I'd look more into that then see if it makes sense to replace the entire thing.


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Looks stock to me and not all that bad from the pictures, there were not any rust holes.
Clean it up and paint it...


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Don't worry it's fine

I agree with everyone. Mine has been welded on and is far worse that yours and I'm NOT going to touch it until it's way closer to the one rover26c posted. :eek:
If you want a super restored truck then go ahead and replace as you see fit.
You should sand it down and repaint it as it may get worse if you drive in a lot of bad weather.