Rear axle service questions


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I'm in the process of refurbishing the rear axle on my 1995 D110, 300tdi. I ordered everything I thought I would need, but upon removal of. the drive flange there are a few of those bolts I'd like to replace. Can someone tell me what size they are? Also, I'm using the HD drive flanges from RN, do I still use the circlips on the axle shafts? The shaft doesn't seam to want to pull out far enough. Thanks for the help.


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Hi TexasD, I think you're looking for the M10x45 bolts.. Should be 5 per flange.
To get the axle shaft to pull out far enough for the clip, (yes use thisclip!) put an appropriate sized bolt in the end of the axle shaft and pull it out far enough to fit the circlip.