R2.8 to Ashcroft HD R380 stumpy Conversions

Uncle Douglas

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re-drilled flywheel
Clutch fitted
Drivetrain assembled

We have been playing with different tcase/trans mounts as they move the engine back and forth in the engine bay.
The lt77 mounts had the engine too close for comfort to the footwells on either side. Using r380 mounts move it forward appx 2 inches. This position has it so close that I'm working on a block side mount to match up on the 4 cyl frame mounts so that a diy install will not require any welding.
Moving it forward necessitated the use of r380 floors and tunnel, and our adapter as the transfercase linkage fouls on the seatbox, but still utilizes OEM components and allows the use of commercially available carpets and mats. I think utilizing the Exmoor/Wright sound matting is prudent behind a Cummins.

This engine position has the integral oil cooler well behind the steering box on a lhd truck. Currently working with a lhd 90.

Very happy with the modifications we made to the radiators and intercoolers. In order to maximize surface/core area, our design requires removal of the pre td5 mounts on the front crossmember of the frame and drilling the frame for the mounting grommet as was done on the td5 and tdci trucks. Once the mounts are removed and crossmember drilled the original radiator mount grommets are used in the chassis to mount the radiator. The radiator and intercooler bolt together as an integrated unit as was done on the td5's.
This enabled us to use stock td5 intercooler upper mounts that all the trucks are already set up to receive with no modification. Mounting is rock solid & is not reliant on the slam panel.

A/C will require the td5 style bump out grill surround to accomodate the condensor and fans.


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UD, will a full kit (mounts, cooling, gauge requirements/wiring) be available from you or Quickdraw, or only what we have seen so far from them? I wasn't sure if you were sorting out components and fabricating mounts for in house installs, or the community as well. Thanks

That install is fantastic, way more room in there than I had imagined, but i guess the size is not much different than the 200/300.

Uncle Douglas

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Truck is as quiet inside as our gems v8 90. No more vibration than the v8 , think the lack of vibration conveys in the video.

Unfortunately it does not appear so. We had originally had a Rover parts purveyor who was going to take the bits Chad developed and the stuff we developed here and was going to offer it as a packaged kit with instructions and even a help line. He has apparently decided not to tie up the capital necessary to stock the kit, which is understandable as it would be quite a bit of money.

We aren't in the parts business and seemingly there aren't enough hours in a Virginia day for us as is so not going to be able to sell the parts we make or have made for the conversion.

Chad has around 60 of the bell housings cast and mills
The throw out levers when a kit is ordered. Chad is the go to on the basics. The wiring harness is self contained and provided by Cummins, the only gauge
Is the canbus Murphy gauge and I simply replace the original temp gauge in the binnacle with the Murphy. Total sleeper setup, looks factory installed but out performs all factory built trucks.
Customer drove her truck back to Seattle
cruising 80mph with throttle rolls up to 90 when road conditions allowed ( she's a licensed drag racer and has a need for speed). Just going to keep our heads down and do conversions for folks

Running I70 through Kansas and Eastern Colorado the Cummins 90 used 1/4 tank to ea each full 12.7 tank Trey used in the gems truck. Gems truck is on 35s and Cummins on 33s so not a apples to apples but economy spread was huge.
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make sense. just something to consider for the driveway installer. im sure more will come out as other "weekend mechanics" do some of the installs. Anyone jumping in to this motor is likely open for some custom stuff regardless if they are doing or someone else. thanks for all the info and sharing the projects thus far.