R2.8 Radiator Solutions


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I put together a simple drawing which I have attached. I plan to send it to a radiator manufacturer to see what they would charge to make, but mainly to see if this could be turned into a standard part number than people could order. I could have this made locally, but that does no one else any good except me. I'll probably still have it quoted locally as a price comparison.

Many here know more than I do, so I would appreciate feedback on changes that can be made to improve cooling, but not create a radiator that costs $1000. Also the R2.8 seems to need good cooling. Can the core depth be increased beyond 2.5" without sacrificing too much room for the intercooler in front?

Based of my stock 2.5NA radiator measurements.
I shrunk the width to allow for 2" on each side of the radiator for intercooler piping to pass to the front, hopefully in-line with the engine ports.
Inlet / Outlet sizes straight from Cummins Install Guide, so hoses match and ports are on proper sides of engine.
Something about water pipes that cross the engine bay annoys me, although a friend says it's just extra capacity.

1 - Fit into the standard peg mounts on a 2.5NA frame, i.e. a drop in radiator.
2 - Allow for use of an intercooler in front of the radiator
3 - Allow for mounting intercoolers to the radiator on the front.
4 - Try to keep stock expansion tank setup for cost saving.

The drawing does not show mounts on the front, but the plan was to ask for qty 3 on each tank of 3/8" screw mounts spaced evenly vertically for options fabbing a simple intercooler mount.

Edit: also for purposes of having this built in the usa, almost all radiator makers seem to refer to inlet outlets based on left hand drive positions, so my drawing uses the same terminology I've seen on radiator web sites in the usa.



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I found a typo on the drawing in regard to the tube length. The bottom view shows the 1 3/4" length I measured on my 2.5NA, but the text in the note on main view says 2".