Project NAS D90


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Local to me 1994 AA yellow NAS 90 in fair condition. I’m assisting the owner in trying to find a new home. Located outside of Raleigh, NC.

Truck presents well but needs work. The rear crossmember is toast, the rest of the frame looks ok but you know how that goes.

Front floors are rusted out, so is battery box. If taking it down I’d replace the bulkhead.

Truck runs and drives and seems safe for the road for now. Carfax has two accidents, title is clean no salvage or anything. Lived most of its life in NE unfortunately before Carolina’s in mid 2000’s.

I have photos and videos for anyone serious, just reach out.

Looking for offers over $35,000 currently.


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Care to share the sale price and frank assessment of corrosion/condition?

Rear crossmember was toast, rest of frame ok but if it were mine I’d likely swap it at some point. Front lower forward floorboard area were rusted out on both sides, and so was the battery box.
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