Pan American 2018 - 19

Sonoran Rovers

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Been on the road in Alfie our 3 Door 110 since August.

5 weeks in Mexico, 6 in Guatemala and Belize, 6 weeks in Colombia and just arrived in Peru.

Bought the truck in Alfreton Derbyshire 18 months ago with a view to turning into a camper rental. Its always been the sweetest running 200tdi of the bunch so we decided to use it for this trip.

It's a tight squeeze for sure but we are learning to live together on the road and the truck has been solid. Going through bushings like there's no tomorrow and one blown head gasket but the old work horse is handling the mountains and heavy load exceptionally well aside from that.

Here are a few choice pics. Will update monthly on here.

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Sonoran Rovers

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Guatemala with a lucky escape not heading into the mud with the Patrol and Land Cruiser.

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Great pics! You are obviously enjoying the trip. I saw you about a year ago now in northern Baja as we were heading to Todos Santos. Have been following your progress on Instagram since. I'm envious and preparing for our own etended trip in a couple of years.


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What a way to inspire bold & fearless adventure in your kids! They will never forget this trip. Thanks for sharing the awesome pics.

Sonoran Rovers

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Love the effect/filter you are using on most of these pictures, what is it ?
Thanks Doug,

All taken on my Samsung note 8 and the ones I like I mess with in Snapseed. It gives professional level control over the image and is super easy. I did a workshop a few years ago by a local guy whose stuff I really admire.

I get accused of overdoing the HDR, mostly by my mother and daughter, but I just try and make the image look like how I felt when taking it. Perhaps too much pot in my youth..

These vistas are so wonderful to look at and hard to do justice to in a quick non professional shot.

Glad you enjoy them.

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Wonderful pictures. It is such a great experience for your and your family. Thanks much for sharing.


Wow, just wow!

Amazing lifestyle/travelogue/journey, I'm not sure what words to use. Awesome pics, thanks for sharing. Rover on!



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What an amazing trip. Sounds like you are having the time of your lives! Thanks for the pics.

That Cruiser, was it a US truck/traveler? It looked like it had a Slee front bumper. Anyway, thanks again.


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Great photos and a wonderful journey. Thanks for sharing and I will be following the post. Would you mind sharing your route and updating as you have time. Hope to start a southern journey in the next year or two