Overland First Aid Kit


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I have two Overland aid kits available. I have a small business making customer specific first aid kits and providing training. I have put together two overland kits that I think fit the needs of most off-roaders. These kits are not designed to be all inclusive, they contain 'must have' items. To complete the kit you add your specific items that you already have and fit your specific needs.

You can purchase the kit by messaging me or ordering through my web site. These are price just for the NAS-ROW group. Kit price is $235 shipped. Continental USA only.

The overland aid kit is designed with the vehicle based explorer in mind. The kit is contained in a USA made Seahorse brand case. The case is crush proof and water proof. Inside the kit is another Seahorse case that is ideal for storing small items and medications. This smaller multi function case is also lockable to ensure the security of medication. The kit contents is designed to treat most physical emergencies: blood loss, cuts, scrapes, punctures, bone and joint injuries. There is ample room in the kit to add your personal medications and items.
Kit includes:
C.A.T. Tourniquet
Trauma shears
Sam splint
Various sized bandages and gauze
Pressure bressing
Band Aid kit
Steri Strips
Triangle Bandage
2? Tape
Stretch bandage
Z Pak dressing
Eye wash
Antimicrobactial wipes
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Povidone-Iodine Swabstick
Petrolatum Gauze
Burn Jel
Hot and Cold pack
and more.



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Ha, you guys crack me up.
And yes, no tampons. Tampons are great for what they are designed for, but thats about it. For wound care they often fall short and don't effectively reach areas that gauze packing can and by their nature they don't apply enough pressure. For penetrating wounds nothing is more effective that packing the wound with gauze, and a lot of it.


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my friend in the Australian army told me the infantry keeps tampons in their kit for stopping up bullet holes lol


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Your Aussie friend is not lying. Tampons and pads, cheap and VERY effective for penetrating trauma. Regardless, this takes away from the object of the post. Looks to me to be a decent product, but what do I know 35 years as Paramedic and a few years in her Majesty’s Canadian infantry... :eek: