Online Tire Vendors


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I’m a huge discount tire fan. They can cut deals too, but they are nice, fix flats for free, and the ones near me have been great. I appreciate that. And when I’m out and about, its nice running into folks within my community that I’ve worked with. That means something. So if I’m with in spitting distance of price, then I’ll opt for them. If someone else is saving me $50 a tire, that'd be different. But that’s never happened. They just matched a costco price for me, saved me some extra dollars, no sweat...


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You'll be happy with the KM3, it's not as blocky because the late model Toyota overlanders needed a quieter tire. I have yet to try mine out yet, the KM will always be my all time favorite.


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Anyone have new or tried and true online vendors? I’ve had luck with, eBay and

Any I’m missing?
Tires is good online retailer.Free road hazard warantees.Blew out 2 sidewalls and they replaced them both.Easy process