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What is the size (dia., thread count, type) for the oil pressure switch? I'm trying to determine the correct adapter to attach an oil pressure gauge.

The gauge hose has a 1/4 18 NPT male end. It came with an 1/4 18 NPT female to 1/8 27 NPT male adapter to fit the other adapters (1/8 27 NPTfemale to etc). Unfortunately none of the adapters are the same as the oil pressure switch (which seems to be a 1/2 20 UNF or possibly 1/4 20 NPT will work).

94' NAS 3.9 v8


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I think I responded to you on the other site but for posterity I believe it's 1/2-20 UNF. I had the same issue and got part no. 5-1/8 F5OG-S from Hydradyne for my particular oil test gauge which had 1/8-27 NPT. Worked perfectly. Maybe you can find similar for 1/4 18 NPT. My only other suggestion would be to not think you can get away with using multiple adapters because it's a weirdly tight spot by the time the hose is connected.


I have a 1/8-27 npt male to 1/8-27 npt female 90° that should fit and work perfectly with the 5-1/8 F5OG-S.

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I ordered the 5-1/8 F5OG-S from


The gauge was installed using the adapters from my oil pressure gauge kit.

The engine oil is Castrol 03111C GTX High Mileage 10W-40 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

The numbers:
33lbs @ idle
50lbs @ 2500 rpm
16lbs @ idle
28lbs @ 2000 rpm
30lbs @ 2500 rpm

These pressures sound reasonable. However, I hear a muffled rumble on acceleration. The frequency is that of the valve train. Moreover, at times there is a very brief knocking at start up. I'm assuming the oil is draining off.
I'm trying to determine what is causing this noise and if it can be resolved short of a (at the least) top end rebuild.

Note: I did not purge air from the oil pressure gauge hose.


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