Non-Rover Content Alert: X-Country in Morgan 3-Wheeler


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I sold my motorcycle before I went to Afghanistan in 2010. With young kids and busy career stuff, I never really had the time or opportunity to get another bike. During this time I was however eyeballing the insanity of the Morgan 3-Wheeler that was released around 2012. It seems almost more British than a Land Rover if that‘s possible.

My wife and I had been chatting about something pointless and irresponsible to enjoy here during the coming spring before we head out to Japan next summer so I started looking at the 3-Wheelers seriously. I don’t tend to deliberate very long on this like this so I signed a contract on one in California a few days later. I tried to buy a “Superdry” edition first, but that had just sold so I opted for a great looking 2012 model with in pearl white with red leather, only 1300 miles, and some enticing extras like a pair of sweet stopwatches on the dash.




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We discussed shipping options to get the car (motorcycle?) back to Virginia. Ultimately, my wife was dissatisfied with the idea of shipping the car when it just as well be driven. I was still tied down with some work obligations (ugh!) here, so we made arrangements for her and my son to fly to LA, pick the car up, and then motor all the way back, a trip distance more than twice the mileage that was currently showing on the odometer.

The pickup was not incredibly smooth, and the car had to leave California on a roll back for tax purposes, but the driver dropped my wife, son, and the car just across the AZ border last Saturday afternoon. They fired her up and motored on to Flagstaff that night with no problems except night driving…

Amusingly, across the street from the dealer was a Wienerschnitzel, an icon of my west coast youth that has nothing to do with Vienna or Schnitzel. It’s just a Hot Dog joint in an A-frame.


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Sunday was reserved for a Grand Canyon tour. Morgan didn’t move, but the there were some amazing pix taken.

Oh by the way, temps on this trip ranged from below freezing to around mid-60s. Average was probably in the 40s.



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Monday was Flagstaff to Tucumcari, NM and filled with minor discoveries like trying to figure out how to fill the fuel tank and finding out that the ground serves as a really great place to set your drink.


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Tuesday was Tucumcari to Fort Smith Arkansas - a brutal 570 mile marathon. The car has an 11 gallon fuel capacity but it is split between two tanks, so 2.5 gallons reserve in the tank with the pump means 2.5 gallons in the other tank, meaning there is really only about 6 useable gallons. In the end this is ok since you really need to stop every couple hours anyway. Nice for touring, but not great for making time and resulted in about a 12 hour day.

Nice that Fort Chaffee National Guard Center offers little cabins for rent.

Incidentally, if I have a fuel pump issue then I’ve got spares. It uses the Disco/Defender pump that we all know and love.


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Gawd I love your wife’s sense of adventure. absolutely bloody brilliant trip mate!


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This has to be at the top of the list for cool things to have. Love the vintage aircraft look.


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But for real, pretty rad


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That’s awesome! Did Morgan west have any aero 8? I love those and the plus 8. I sat in a three wheeler, they are small (obviously). Apparently the earlier ones have some issue with a gear or something but otherwise it’s an S&S Harley engine and the Miata trans so pretty reliable and easy to work on.


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Gotta continue the story here. Wednesday‘s route was from Fort Chaffee to Nashville, Tennessee. My wife has always wanted to visit the Grand Ol’ Opry and as luck would have it, ZZ Top was playing that night. 2/3 of ZZ Top at least. Overall I guess Opryland is a giant commercialized area and basically a bad shopping mall, not recommended for discerning visitors!

My son had somehow never tried a Mountain Dew before and it seemed to be more Mr Hyde‘s elixir than refreshing beverage.

Thanksgiving was Nashville to Roanoke, VA. Since they were mostly trying to outrun a rainstorm, there is little in the way of pix. Due to limited Thanksgiving hours for restaurants, dinner was a miserable Marie Callender’s microwave pasta dish from the hotel lobby!