Newbie finds a Great Mentor (@JimC)


I thought I'd share a good news story of how @JimC took me under his wing and helped me evaluate several 110's that eventually led me purchase my first 1994 110 300TDI RHD out of Australia. It was exactly what I was looking for after looking at hundreds over the past year. I can't thank him enough and appreciate all the advice. Thank you, Jim!!

Semper Fi,


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Let history record that a Marine just thanked an Army guy for something. In all honesty, Matt did all the research and his instincts are good, but it’s helpful to have a sounding board when you’re shopping for any truck, especially the first. Glad I could be of some assistance!


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I don’t know how anyone could like @JimC ... wait, that’s wrong, I don’t know how anyone can like @evilfij :)

Glad you found a truck and Jim who is a great rover person.


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Jim is a great guy. He checked out an Alfa Romeo for me once. Passed on the car but his description was very thorough.


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To be clear, I checked out an Alfa Romeo in Belgium. The fact I lived there is no matter, I think I still get extra credit for the overseas inspection!
JimC not sure why I didn’t mention that. I will say you can meet some of the best folks here.