Netflix Recommendations?


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Ted Bundy Tapes. According to Netflix, my preference is generally dark Scandinavian dramas. I'm a big fan of anything where the lead character kills themselves.


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Stranger Things(sci-fi, drama nostalgia), Altered Carbon(sci-fi, drama, action, crime thriller), Godless(it’s a western, very good cast and production), The Fall(drama, crime thriller, great cast), Deadwood(western, amazing use of the English language), Luther(crime thriller, drama), The Crown(drama, great cast), Black Mirror(sci-fi, drama, one off episodes like the outer limits but most dealing with technology gone awry).

That’s all I can think of now. Those should keep you busy.


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I feel like I need to throw in some amazon for good measure. I assume most folks have prime.
all were great.
Jack Ryan
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Sneaky Pete


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It's a series, 5 seasons available on Netflix, about 22 editions per season, they're making more. It's an NBC series. Each edition is 40-43 minutes long. Multiple interesting stories (crime & criminals of the FBI) going on. Considered a drama.


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I forgot Longmire on Netflix, it's more of a modern Western, but I like it. Bonus for the star car in the show, a full-size Bronco, my number #2 favorite vehicle to a LR.