NAS-ROW Secret Santa / Holiday Gift Exchange 2021 (US)


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The time is upon us! Once again the Holidays are approaching and we will be continuing the NAS-ROW Holiday Gift exchange. We continue to grow in participation every year, let's keep that going.

Here are the details for 2021.

1. We will use Elfster again to manage all the details
2. Recommended spend is $50. Feel free to spend more if desired. (this includes shipping)
3. This exchange is for US only (includes all USPS locations and APO/FPO), apologies to our friends beyond our borders.
4. Anonymous chat is available through Elfster, I will make sure there are icebreaker questions
5. Expect to provide basic info such as clothing/hat size, favorite beverages, What's in your garage, other general interests.
6. Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Sign Up Ends - Oct 31
Name Draw - Nov 1
Ship date - Dec 1
Gift Reveal (optional) - Dec 15 on this thread

Sign Up Here on Elfster!

*For easy and cheap shipping, sign up on PirateShip. They now offer UPS in addition to USPS.
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Having recently returned from 8 years exile in Hawaii and Japan, I hate when people limit participation and shipping to CONUS. There is no additional charge to ship USPS Priority flat rate mail to HI, AK, or APO/FPO addresses.
You are correct, I will update the OP to reflect. Simply a poor choice of words as in years past we had some overseas/customs issues with other locations, which is why we are limiting to US.
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