NAS D-90 #204/500 Bonhams Link


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Lots of fun memories flooding my noggen from back in the day when that Defender was brand new... down to the Trac Edge spare. As I recall, Mark fitted those after BFG reps came to the off-road school because they were a nice balance between the M/T and A/T that were factory fitted. I also remember him pulling a Sankey trailer with it. As unique as his white NAS90 converted to a pickup. As with every Rover, they were actually used for their intended purposes, while adhering to "Tread Lightly" principles (which were as kind to the vehicle as the surrounds). GLWS!


Yes, that's the truck! I removed the Sankey trailer hitch but otherwise it's as I received it from Mark 22 years ago.


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@TexasD-90 I own this truck now but would be happy to talk to you.
@Z.G is right this is a Rovers North unit. It even has the RN name engraved into the drivers side blade. Thing is stout!
Those are the really nice ones that were made a couple hours away in NY. The later ones were made back in the UK