Name that "money well spent" item you bought for your defender


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curious to know what your favorite thing you bought for your defender was? big or small, cheap or expensive, same either way. could also be that thing you bought that made the most difference/impact or what you can't live without. (im sure this will take a few people back some years)

too early for me to say, I haven't bought much other than repair/replacement parts. I guess the ARB bumper, which I have yet to mount up would be it.



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Wow.... Can't imagine being able to use an auto with the 300Tdi, and 22mpg is amazing.

But, I have to agree. It's slow and loud, but I love it.

A few minor things I've done that I like are the synthetic winch line, LED bulbs in the park/brake lights, and the VDO gauge set.


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Rebuilt Chevrolet 292 that I found on Facebook Marketplace for $400.
Mated to the heavy duty R380 with taller 5th gear and 1.2 Disco I LT230.
Added the 2 barrel Holley Sniper EFI and GM HEI.
Cruses between 70 and 80 and you can carry on a cell conversation or a soft spoken conversation with a passenger.


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I'd say the Money Well Spent was obviously the galvy frame resto on the 90 but the thing I didn't expect was the tunes that the shop had installed after mine crapped out a decade earlier and never fixed. (I know,, no tunes). No more humming to myself with the V8 as backup.


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My truck was well outfitted by the original owner so my modifications have been relatively small - swapping to stock gearing (from 4.11) made the truck much more drivable on the highway.
I did just install a leather wrapped steering wheel and it is a huge upgrade.


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I’d not enjoy wheeling without my Warn 9.5ti Winch, Rockware Winch Bumper, GBR 411’s w/ Detroit and TT lockers, Wolfs Steelies on KM2 255’s.


LED instrument lights. Although it took all the mystery out of how much faster my truck was in the dark....