Milwaukee M12 Batteries


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These are all new in box. I have way too many batteries. All + ship. For reference, I used home depot pricing and reduced from there.

1. XC4.0 Starter kit - XC4.0 battery, charger, tool bag - $50 SOLD
2. XC6.0 Starter kit - x2 XC6.0 batteries, charger - $125
3. XC2.0 batteries x2 - $60

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Was just looking at their M12 die grinder today. Sure would save my air compressor and my ear drums a lot of strain.
It's an ok unit. if you're expecting to remove a good bit of material fast like an air unit, it'll feel very underpowered. occasionally it would shut off. Not sure if there is a thermal switch or voltage drop switch, but it was random. could be isolated to my unit. I just did a D90 bulkhead removal 'kit' out at a customers house and used the M12 unit. It will eat through batteries quick for the amount of ground you cover. the adjustable speed button 1-4 is nice for small / finer detail work. overall worth the $ I paid for it as it got many more jobs done when out and about.


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I love my M12 Fuel right angle die grinder. Land Rover forced it on me as I have so many nuts and bolts to cut. Does well for me also with 3m pads and scuffing or cleaning metal. One of my faves behind my 3/8 impact and impact gun. Not to push this post but the larger batteries absolutely make a difference on some jobs. I do like the size and weight of the smaller ones too though for light work.