Madman EMS 2 (maybe 3)...


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Hey guys & gals...I just purchased a Madman EMS 2 plus 200tdi kit and have been communicating with the Director at Performance Products SA. They would entertain a group buy on the EMS 2 and kit (EMS 3 will be in at end of April with Boost pressure added)...please let me know if you are interested...I don’t have pricing yet, but I’m sure it’s dependent on how many want to get it. I will post this on DS too.


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I'd be interested in either one. I've heard good things about the madman kits from the group buy that happened a few years back.


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Depending when the 3 is offered and price, but I am ready for one for my 101 as there is very little dash space for gauges and such without cutting anything up. Thanks