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I’m looking at a NAS truck and the badge # on the truck doesn’t match what’s listed in the registry/website.

The good news is that both the truck’s VIN and the truck’s badge number match the correct year, color, and model listed in the registry.

So I think it’s a non-issue as I suspect the site is probably subject to the occasional error?

I feel like I’ve heard of this happening to others, but now that I’m actually in the position of pulling the trigger on a truck I wanted to seeing if there were any strong opinions on this.


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people have spotted a few discrepancies on there over the years. It looks like it stopped being updated years ago.


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If you look further on their site you will see how to contact the Heritage folks and obtain all the info you need on a Rover.


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I emailed them to include changes to my truck at the time I had it, and they did it right away. it's been a while though. Think of it more as a hosted wikipages. They don't verify anything. They posted all the VIN's, and audience provides the updates.