LR3, Lower control arms - Do I do it or pay somebody?


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Hey everybody, My D3's front bushings appear to have failed rather abruptly. I'm barely driving now and have a backup vehicle, but I'm honestly not sure I have the time to do the job myself (home schooling, camp is over, full time job, 6 month old baby). Is this one of those jobs that its fine to just pay somebody? I'm going to order the kit with all new hardware and rubber bushes, I don't care if they cut the bolts to make the job easier.

I can do it, I just don't know how long until I'll be able to be in the driveway for several hours in the next few weeks->months. Am I crazy to have a local shop do it?


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I bought lower arms with new bushings already in there which was really nice And saved a ton of messing around. Cutting the bolts is a time saver. I needed to borrow a better impact gun to get the bolts out. Could have cut them but didn’t think about it until after. It still took me the day to do them in the garage. But I also did the front bearings and brakes since I was there. Nothing in the job was terrible just took time. Bodsy’s write up from Is excellent. I need to do the fronts and rear lowers again. With my last brake job a few weeks ago I had play in both front and rear lowers. I plan to buy some from advance factor in the UK. I was going to see what our independent shop will charge to put them in but will probably do it myself again. I wish I had a lift, that would be a huge plus And really help.


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First time doing the job sucked. Mostly bc everything was rusted together. Yes, you’ll mostly like need a sawsall to cut the bolts. I loaded everything with antisize on reassembly so the next time will be a breeze.


I was in the same boat as you, 6 month old and job equals a lot less garage time. I bit the bullet and paid my local guy to take care of it, my time was worth the money having the truck made safe again.


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Buy the whole arm if you’re doing it yourself. Plan on cutting the bolts for the rearward bushings if you don’t have an air hammer.


If it is same as LR4 it is a piece of cake as long as you buy the entire control arm. No idea why you would bother trying to replace just the bushings unless you have all of the proper equipment. FCP euro has the parts at good prices. I did the inner and outer tie rods and the sway bar rods too. Took about 3 hours and two beers to do both sides. I do live on the wet coast so rust/seized bolts was not an issue.

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I guess it depends. Going rate for lowers, out the door, seems to be $600-1000. For me, right now with school, I'd do $800 to have it done in 2 days or whatever.

If I had a good, solid weekend to mess with it (which I don't), then I'd tackle it myself. That said, I've got impacts and my truck isn't rusty. If my truck was rusty and/or I didn't have decent tools, then LOL off to the shop it goes...