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At this point, the maintenance history is more important than the particular year. The 4.4 is probably the most reliable engine that LR ever used.

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On that note, anyone have any tips for doing the rear brake rotors? AB says I gotta do all these ridic things to the parking brake, etc. Why not just keep the parking brake off, and change the rotors? I understand bedding them. That makes sense. But why do I have to mess with the parking brake. Its self adjusting. So why not let it self adjust. Sure might take it a few times but easier than messing with what they said to do. Any yes, my rear rotors are warped so they do need to be replaced.

Also any tips on bleeding the brakes? I'm probably going to get a brake bleeder. I think there is something I need to do in the GAP tool. I'm doing this because my brake pedal could feel a little better, and no one has ever complained about having good brakes.