Looking for an agent in the US to stock our rebuilt Defenders


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Hi guys,

We are an operation based in Cape Town, South Africa.
Besides a daily shop we rebuild Defenders from frame off. At present we have two 'export ready' 110 V8's and have the capacity to ship a further six a year. If necessary we could increase that to eight to ten or so.
Ideally we would prefer someone in the North-East (DC, NYC, BOS) who could supply technical support, has an existing operation and someone who we would feel comfortable sending our vehicles over to.
We would certainly be open to other suggestion though.

Please feel free to contact me through this forum or on +27834400747

Phil Parsons


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Thank you for posting this in the proper sub forum and not in the for sale section.
Lots of guys out there offering up what you are offering. Most don’t turn out do well.
Do you have a website or pictures of your products or your shop? Any references you could offer up?



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I know where I am coming in 3-4 more years, when I can get a M52 powered truck.

S52 Go big or go home! Also syncrogearboxes makes this adapter now FYI

EDIT looks like that adapter is for M57 diesel engines
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