Help with Tithonus Gel Hardtop


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I have a Fiberglass Wolf/Tith Gel top with some random hardware but haven't had the chance to try to put it on. Can anyone help me out with some pictures of the interior of the top installed? Specifically where it bolts to the truck using the brackets in the picture. I'm assuming it slides in from the rear to front, and then you use the brackets to secure it to the tub, then you push the external front cage back and bolt it back in. Appreciate it.



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Here are some pics from exactly three years ago.
I think there are 4 or some more on each side attaching the rail in the hard top to the black plates attached to the tub

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 7.48.55 PM.png




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Here's a few more of the other areas that attach the top to the tub and next to the external front cage side bolt, if need. Can always text/email me for more clarification on the pics.

IMG_20180901_160218.jpgIMG_20180902_115456.jpgIMG_20180902_115435.jpgIMG_20180901_160238.jpgIMG_20180901_160617.jpg IMG_20180901_160544.jpg