Help with a new coolant leak - 300TDI


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Hello all, I'm wondering if this group could help narrow down where I should look for a new leak that started recently. It appears to be dripping from the port/fore side of the engine, but not really at the back of the water pump. Having said that the water pump is making some noise lately, maybe I should just replace it and when I'm in there I'll see a bit better. I noticed the leak after a short drive (had barely heated up) after it was parked nose-down on a hill. When I got it home, (parked flat) no leak...

You can see the small green droplets on the corner of the oil pan in the photo below.



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Not at the back of the water pump but what about the p gasket at the back of the housing? Fortunately Brit Rest Mike just did a YouTube series on replacing these gaskets, looking at those will help you visualize the assembly.
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Its the p gasket. Replace with metal gasket, smear alittle right stuff on either side and you are all good. Make sure to clean up the surface as best you can with some fine scotch bright. Might as well replace the water pump and water pump gasket while you are at it. Fairly quick job. You can leave the alternator on.



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Hopefully this is just a leak you can fix, but often a leaking P-gasket indicates that you have a head gasket about to go and the cooling system is starting to pressurize.