Hello from Northeast Florida #500 NAS


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Just purchased this 1995 Defender NAS 90. It is my first defender. I live in northeast florida and I’m open to suggestions on what items to address first. I’m debating on taking it back to stock or leaving it as you see on pictures.



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Congratulations on a purchase at not a stupid price. Leave it, drive it. Nothing to earn from going back to stock other than a lighter wallet in my opinion.


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Looks like it was based on this info-
The rack is different.

Model: 1995 Defender 90 #500/500
Location: Portland, Oregon USA

Old Man Emu Springs 764/781
Old Man Emu Steering Damper SD32
Old Man Emu Medium Duty Shocks N45F
Expedition-Ware Rear Spring Retainers
Great Basin Rovers Front CV Drive Shaft

Michelin 8.25 R16 XZL's
LR NAS 110 Wheels
Disc Brakes Australia Long Life Gold Rotors

Safari Gard Rock Guard
Safari Gard F & R Differential Guards
Quattro Sports Rock Sliders
Paragon Performance SS Brake Lines
Mantec Swing-Away Tire Carrier

Cobra 75 WXST CB
Firestick II FS4 Antenna
Garmin 176C GPS Receiver
GPSGeek External Antenna
1400 Pelican Storage Case w/ Foam

Dual Yellow-Top Optima Batteries
Hellroaring Battery Isolator
Wrangler NWPP 150 Amp Alternator
Hella Rallye 4000 Cornering Lamps - 2
Hella Rallye 4000 Pencil Beam Lamps - 2
Hella Ultra Beam FF Work Lamp - 1
Hella Aux Relay/Fuse Box

LRNA Roof Rack
Wedco 20-L Petrol Jerrycan - 2
Pelican 1600 Protector Case - 2
K&N Air Filter
Emergency First Aid Kit in Pelican 1400 Case
ABC 2.5-L Fire Extinguisher
Misc. Recovery Gear
JATE Rings - 2
Mantec Pick & Shovel Mounts
Engel 35 Freezer/Fridge
Factory Rear Bench


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Nice buy on a nice truck. Welcome to the group.
Whatever you do, leave the Wolf wheels on it. Defenders and Wolf wheels go together like peas and carrots!


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After you drive her, I would certainly consider bringing her back closer to stock.

First, keep the rock sliders. I like the side impact protection. Maybe helps in a wreck, certainly prevents door dings. :) Same with the rear tire carrier. Door mounted spares suck.

I prefer stock springs, with a slightly heavier front spring (NAS110 fronts) with a modest winch bumper (not a big ARB fan) if you want a winch (I like having a winch). I also like all terrain tires over mud terrain tires. I prefer bilstein over OME shocks, and even like the stock woodhead shocks. Wheels are whatever you prefer as mostly style preference, I have mixed feelings, but alloys with the early RRC non-capped lug nuts (need an alloy spare if you do this as the early lugs don’t have the taper for steel wheels) are probably my favorites with disco I steelies second place.

I also don’t like roof racks because wind noise and parking garages. If you need a back seat, the softtop style one you have is more comfortable than the SW jump seats (and safer), but I sold my back seat years ago.

But as I said, drive her and see what you like (or not).

PS that distributor scares me. I prefer stock ignition, then again I have stacks of spares.