Hacked! Beware of scam sales!

chris snell

Callsign: NW5W
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I've seen several complaints of peoples' NAS-ROW accounts being hacked and used to solicit sales from other members. The bad guy breaks into a well-known forums account, then reaches out to individuals looking for parts and offers to deliver a product at an unbelievable price. They take payment to the criminals Paypal/Venmo account and then they disappear, leaving a scammed buyer and a scammed "middleman" account owner.

There are absolutely no indications that it's a compromise on our end.

The common factor in these complaints is a weak password that has been used on multiple forums.

If you are using the same password--or variations of the same password--on multiple websites, you are ripe to be victimized. If you are also doing this for your e-mail, bank, investment, credit card, or eBay/Amazon/Apple account, you're ripe to have your life ruined by a criminal.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Go sign up for 1Password. 1Password is a password manager that works with your computer and phones/tablets to manage your passwords on all of the websites you use. It works by generating unique, hard-to-guess passwords for every site and protects them behind a single (and strong) password that unlocks the passwords for all websites. It can also store your credit cards and auto-fill them when you make purchases online. It synchronizes all of this between all of your devices, so it works no matter what you're using.

2. Watch this video to learn how to use 1Password. When choosing a master password for 1Password, the critical factor is length. Fancy punctuation and upper case do not matter. Only the length of the password matters. i love my defender and would never drive a jeep is a more secure password than I@#9fj#Rie! is.

3. Go through every website you use and change your password. Let 1Password create and save a new password for you. Start with the most important websites: your email account, your banks, credit cards, Amazon, ebay, etc.

If you believe that your NAS-ROW account has been compromised, please change your password immediately. If you can't do this, contact the admins and we will help you.
I was on a jury a year ago. Criminal hacked into women and teenagers email, and social media accounts.

Criminal was interested in the pornographic images young women sent out of themselves. He hacked into thousands of accounts, selling the images he found.

I shared the lessons I learned with friends and business colleagues encouraging them to raise their PW security as much as possible.