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NAS-ROW, the only place where a U-2 pilot and a Lockheed Martin engineer can discuss aerospace grade grip tape for the floorboards of glorified British farm junk.

Have you ever bought LR parts made by GKN? They also make the canopy transparency for the F-22 Raptor among others.
Mike and Jeff, how did each of those products hold up to wetness like rain or water? Primarily aiding in anti slip from wet boots so I want to make sure it doesn't come off because it is doing its job.

Mine has held up well, been driven in the rain & been wheeled & washed a bunch but the truck is stored inside so it's not wet that much.

Most important thing is to cut a generous radius on all the corners (1/2" or so), a square corner will catch on your boot and peel up easily.


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Late to the party, but I'll jump in anyway. :) I have the safety walk tape product from 3M. it's on the top of my stock bumper and top of my sliders. didn't peel from multiple MAR trips (the monsoon ones), and many many trips in UT.

Since sitting in my garage, it also hasn't peeled. :(

As stated previously, radius the corners!

Mike and Myles