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Glass fuse to blade fuse conversion. 1986 ROW 110 W/2.5 NA swapped to 200tdi. Blade fuse conversion kit from DefendersNW. I want to maintain the original order & labeling for the existing twelve (12) fuses (New fuses will be turned sideways). I've ordered a new label that matches the original pictured & I'll be printing word labels for the symbol impaired (like me). Identification problems - I can trace the reverse light wires to a fuse on the wiring diagram, but it doesn't indicate which fuse it is & I don't see a symbol that makes sense. Here is what I have so far:

Left row from top:
Clock, horn, interior lights & a mystery symbol that looks like a headlight with an "F"
Hazard lights
Washer wipers
Blower fan
Stop (brake) lights, turn indicators & gauges
Fog light

Right row from top:
R side low beam
L side low beam
R side high (main) beam
L side high (main) beam
L side tail & side lights
R side tail & side lights

Edited to separate the columns of fuses that were put together when I first posted.

The mystery symbol could be forward running lights?
I also have two (2) additional fuse blocks with two (2) fuses each that may have been added for the now removed Webasto heater & (?).

I am going with double reverse lights, instead of a fog light, so locating the reverse light fuse/wire is needed to wire them correct.

IMG_1820.JPGIMG_1871.JPGIMG_1821.JPG IMG_0292.JPGIMG_1822.JPGIMG_1872.JPG
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Since everything important worked, I put the same sets of wires in the original designated fuse pairings, even though I'm not sure what they are all for.
Added the two (2) paired fuse blocks, that were mounted to the front of the old fuse bracket, to the new fuse block (since it has extra spaces). These separate blocks did not have a designation on the original fuse symbol label.
Crimp, solder & heat shrink each connector. Once all the loose ends are isolated, it looks like I'll be testing some circuits to identify.

IMG_1873.JPG IMG_1876.JPG IMG_1874.JPG IMG_1890.JPG IMG_1941.JPG