FS OEM Suspension components


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I have the following removed from my truck, all OEM Land Rover:
2 front radius arms (wide) (bushings in place) $150
2 rear trailing arms (stock) (bushings in place) $150
track rod (with ball joints) $50
panhard rod (bushing, poly, in place) $50
steering arm (includes one ball joint, goosneck removed) $50

I can throw in new OEM radius arm bushings, a set of Poly bushes for the panhard rod, a set of poly bushes for the rear trailing arms for $50

All appear straight without any significant corrosion. I would probably take a wire brush to them and hit them with rustoleum if I was putting them on.

I'd take $300 for the lot ($350 with the bushings), prefer not to ship, all items in Annapolis MD area but I can deliver/meet someone within an hour if need be.

Cheers, PM if interested


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bumpity, make me an offer, would be handy to have on hand if you need to do the swap in a day... could have these painted with new bushings fitted and go like for like instead of pulling components and having to fit bushings seperately


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Im interested in panhard and track rod. I don’t when I’ll be up in DC/MD area though.
I’m out near Charlottesville


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Im interested in panhard and track rod. I don?t when I?ll be up in DC/MD area though.
I?m out near Charlottesville
Maybe a RURR opportunity with upcoming events, attending anything?

Actually if anyone is going by DC/MD you could pick them up as trail spares for the guys, I know there is something coming up in VA for ROAV