FS/FT feeler: 1986 Suzuki Samurai JX


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Feeler mostly, price is not fixed would prefer to trade these range from $2k to around $8k for really nice ones. This one is very original and not hacked to pieces. I’ll make up a price if demanded.

1986 Samurai JX. California car as rust free as you can probably find one. It starts and drives. I drove it ~60 miles straight at 65mph. It can go faster. Slight oil leak. Probably needs all your standard parts replaced like tie rod ends etc.

Top is in great condition. It was a buddy’s who was going to swap a VW tdi into it and lift etc. Currently registered in TX but still located in Sacramento, California. It has all the options, air con(needs charge maybe full service, haven’t bothered with it), power steering, missing radio. Throughout the vehicle there are a few bolts/fasteners missing on random parts like bumper end caps but not to the extent that it’ll fall apart while driving. Very original example. Trying to decide on keeping it and towing it back to the east coast beginning of October or selling it before.

Let me know if you’re interested and we can discuss price or possible trades. Willing to trade for a commuter car, off-road Disco or RRC or anything else.