FS 2.5NA Main Wiring loom FS $250 OBO


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I have my original 2.5NA wiring harness that is surplus to my needs:

similar to this AutoSparks Harness

Minus the later fuse box. Main loom only. RHD (which is different slightly I believe due to location of binnacle ect, I imagine it would be relatively easy to modify for either vehicle)

It was running my 300TDI just fine before I pulled it to chase down electrical gremlins, would be a great harness to modify for a one in-one out swap to save downtime. Needs very little actually in 8/10 condition.

Would be open to modifying or up-fitting for someone who is going 300TDI or similar, since I modified my autosparks extensively I feel comfortable fitting some convenience items or labelling this for a quick and easy install.

Autosparks from the UK is ~$500 from the UK (minus vat including shipping) and probably 4-8 weeks out from order. It's packed up, bubble wrapped and ready to go out today if need be.

I think $250 is reasonable but I am negotiable, modifications could be discussed on a per case basis but considering how much time I had into the swap I feel confident that I could get this turn key for a 300TDI or 200TDI swap in no time and even add on systems as necessary.

PM me for detailed photos or questions