FS: 1994 South Africa Galvy D110 300tdi RHD - 45k miles


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We just went live with the auction for this 1994 Land Rover Defender 110 ZA AAD 300tdi. We will also pay anyone a $1000 finder's fee if you are responsible for sourcing a winning buyer.

I'll post some info here and you can see everything and interact with the seller HERE


Location: Texas
Year: 1994
Make: Land Rover
Model: Defender 110
Mileage: 44500
Engine: 300tdi turbo diesel
Transmission: 5-sp manual
Drivetrain: 4WD
Ext. Color: White
Int. Color: Grey
Key Features: Tagged and Titled in the US, South African galvy frame, low mileage, A/C, maintenance books, very clean example

Originally from South Africa, this is an AAD build with the galvanized chassis, 300tdi turbo diesel and 44,300 miles. Originally purchased in 1994 in Paarl, Western Cape area by a farming family, it was recently imported by the seller and is located in Houston, TX. It ships with a clean clear title in the seller’s name. No rust, very clean dry truck. Door bottoms, bulkhead, frame rails, RCM all look good. Original interior, has AC.

I can personally be reached at support@seconddaily.com or call/text 423-401-8416 if you want to discuss the truck or SD.











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I wish I could take photos this good. I've been shooting for over 30 years, and I can't even dream of photos this good.
You make the truck look delicious!

Very nice truck. Hope it sells well!
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So if the buyer comes from here do Chris and I get to split the $1K?

Just kidding. Good luck to the bidders!
funny you should ask ... we did reply to a bidder that asked something similar and we will require them to be a NR member to claim it if they saw it here. And for good measure, we will certainly make a monetary donation to NR (wish it could be $1k) if they come from here.



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I did send this link to DWFMBA (One of the active bidders) on the 11th. Not for the financial reward but for the reward of helping a friend out finding a nice 110.



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I did send this link to DWFMBA (One of the active bidders) on the 11th. Not for the financial reward but for the reward of helping a friend out finding a nice 110.

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Ha, love this ... then yes, of course...if you referred him and he wins it, gladly pay you the referral fee. We want SD to be the place folks come for honest trucks, either project drivers or high quality top tier trucks, and more importantly we want the community of knowledge support to rally around them to help out. Too many uneducated buyers and sellers in the vintage 4x4 world. We have denied a few auctions due to questionable things, or questionable sellers, or both...only to see them listed for auction elsewhere.

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Only bid to 37.5. Not sure how to interpret. Given auction was just after holiday season perhaps thats a factor ?
In my view possibly the most desirable rhd truck with low mile,a/c, tdi/r380, galv chassis and bulkhead.
Is this top of market for non pimped rhd ?


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For an average, non-pimped RHD truck I would guess $37.5k'ish is the limit but I could be totally wrong. The Galvy frame adds extra value to me but most novice purchasers have no idea of why it is plus. I wonder how close the reserve price was to the $37.5k max bid.


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Reserve wasn’t too far off actually. I was hoping / estimating high 30’s to low 40’s on it. If anyone is interested when can connect the seller with you.