FS 1994 NAS 90 ST Arles Blue 300Tdi Auto Badger IIGK


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Hey Everyone,

I‘ve decided to start the next chapter in my Rover experience so my labor of love of 10 years is now for sale. I’m not in a hurry to sell. I thought I would try here first before other places.
I’ve gone through just about everything on the vehicle. Nothing listed will have more the 5,000 miles on it. Care was taken during the 300tdi install to make the modifications stand alone. Only one wire was cut to make this all work (dash light). Otherwise I added my own harness and found OEM connectors to tap into the correct wires. My goal was to do the conversion with preserving the NAS setup so that if anyone wanted to go back to stock it would be fairly easy, electrically speaking. I got a lot of great advice from the forum and it’s really helped my build.

The Defender has lived most of it's life out West (Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, & Arizona) with a few years in Chicago. I believe I am the 4th owner. I have a binder of material from previous owners which is pretty cool including the original window sticker and owners manual. I've kept my receipts for the most part, so there is a ton of data to come with the vehicle. I have had it for 10 years and bought it from a fellow in Idaho. The odometer was replaced at 35,000 miles (documented) and the current odometer reading is 73,xxx which means the chassis has approximately 108,xxx miles on it. When I bought it someone had already put an auto in it with the v8. So when I wanted to do the Tdi swap I thought what the heck I’ll keep it that way. Along with sourcing the correct Tdi auto transmission I got the center console kit from Ashcroft to complete the job.

300Tdi - VNT turbo, rebuilt engine, rebuilt injection pump, rebuilt injectors, new lift pump and aux in-line 12v pump
New radiator, new PS pump, new alternator 100A, new water pump, and all new hoses and lines
Silicone intake tubes
All new motor and transmission/transfer case mounts
Straight through exhaust (really not that loud especially with the turbo)

Transmission/Transfer Case
Rebuilt Ashcroft 300Tdi auto trans with B&M custom trans cooler, uses 1997 cooler lines to a point then converts to custom braided hose.
Rebuilt transfer case 1.4 ratio
1997 Ashcroft auto center console and shifter with locking cubby on console
Breathers extended to engine bay and through to snorkel
Galv Tdi crossmember

255/85/16 BFG KM2 on original freestyle wheels (5)
4.12 Ashcroft air lockers front and rear
Great Basin Rovers rear driveshaft, new u-joints in front
X-brake park brake upgrade
All new bearings-brakes-calipers front and rear, swivels rebuilt with new seals and bearings
HD Roving Tracks axle shafts and CVs front and rear
Axle breathers extended to engine bay and through to snorkel
Front axle sand blasted and resprayed

New coils all around (no lift)
New Pro comp shocks
All new suspension bushings all around, including a-frame joint
Rockware track rod and panhard rod
Rockware cranked rear arms
Upgraded steering stabilizer
All new tie rod ends

Rockware front bumper with Warn 9.5cti, SDO aluminum fairlead with bottle opener, factor55 end
Rockware tree sliders
Rockware rear bumper with 2-5gal jerry can holders and hi-lift mount
Gwynn Lewis front diff cover
Rockware rear pinon protector
Alloy fuel tank skid
Aluminum heat shield for fuel tank

Exmoor trim rubber seat box and floor kit
Badger front seat covers, rebuilt seat bottoms (foam and covers)
Halon fire extinguisher in cab on roll bar behind passenger seat (within driver's reach)
Mantec Snorkel modified to suit 300Tdi (cut and turned engine side tube to point toward air cleaner)
ARB CKMTA12 with manifold and tire kit in passenger under seat cubby
Tuffy rear boxes with DC Gold 6x9 marine speakers, constant 12V mounted in passenger side Tuffy box
Jensen front 3" marine speakers in full doors, Sony marine radio/digital media player, DC Gold rear 6x9
3 x Hella 700 on front bumper, 4 x Hella 500 on roll bar, 1 rear work light
100A accessory blue sea fuse block to power accessories and conversion, Odyssey battery
Landy Lubber breather kit
Winch connected at bumper with Anderson connector for easy battery tending and jump starting of others

Badger IIGK in Anthracite/Porsche grey, black power coated gutter kit
Original soft top doors and slider windows with stainless mounting studs (window tops) and window storage bag
Fiberglass soft top (~6.5/10) usual cracks at roll cage have been repaired once and need to be again
Rebuilt 85/86 roll up lift up doors, sp4x4 reproduction, new seals, new door cards with custom speakers mounted
These doors were quite the project to get complete but they really look good on the 90

Edge CTS unit for EGT, Boost, Oil Pressure, Trans Temp, and Ambient temp, rear view camera under work light
VDO gauges have replaced all the stock ones, speedometer updated to actual mileage
Dash light cluster upgraded to Tdi unit (glow plug light)
New headlight switch, turn signal switch, heater/fan control decals
Metal gauge binnacle
Defender vent kit with side window vents
Hella headlight upgrade with painless h4 wire harness upgrade
Dash pod for Carling switches: compressor, front locker, rear locker, roof lights, driving lights, and rear work light.

$63k OBO

It's a lot to read through! If you have any other questions please PM me.




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Curious what the responses have been like re all the exposed galvy. Have potential buyers generally like it?


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Curious what the responses have been like re all the exposed galvy. Have potential buyers generally like it?
Actually the only galvy is the crossmember. Everything else is silver powdercoat. No comments on the silver so far actually.


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Great looking truck. Nice job putting it together. Your choice of standard springs with 255 makes me question my decision to put a lift on.
Even with the extra weight front/rear I don't have any rubbing and I like the way it sits with those tires and stock.