Front Wipers Won't Stop


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Working on a 1992, 200tdi Era Defender. Took the truck out for a ride this weekend and I could not get the wipers to stop. I did replace the wiper stalk a few months ago, as the detents didn't work anymore so it was easy to slide past each position. This seems to be a new issue, but I also need to secure the plastic collar that snapped as I have never had a defender where it wasn't broken. I pulled the stalk cluster off to fix the ring, but unsure if I should keep pulling things apart.

I see plenty of talk on the internets about the park switch, packing out the main gear with washers for engagement? And some state it could be at the wiper boxes. The wipers are one thing I have not disassembled, so I am not familiar with it first hand. Looking for a place to start, and hoping to not tear the dash apart, but will if I have to. Thanks.

Intermittent relay?
Park Switch?
Main drive gear?


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Assuming they stop when you turn ignition off. It will be your park switch its almost always the park switch. Its on the upper left side of the motor where the plug goes into. It can be replaced insitu Just remove the side cover and you‘ll see it, the white plastic plug thingy. (I always have a spare in the truck just in case).

Good luck

Where its located on the motor


What it looks like

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