For Sale: 1990 Range Rover Classic County $9500 - Boones Mill, VA


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Parking lot find!
This Range Rover was donated to an auto repair school in 2005 and was left sitting untouched in their paved lot for the next 14 years. I acquired it last year, replaced the fuel pump, and it started right up and has been running great ever since. I replaced most of the fluids, the filters, spark plugs, brakes, tires, and battery. It is VA licensed and inspected and has no issues. The Jensen bluetooth stereo CD has less than an hour of playtime. Some of the six speakers are new Rockford Fosgate. There are a couple of things that I have not gotten to yet: the A/C needs a charge (compressor works, blower works), the cruise control doesn't work, and the tach doesn't work. (The tachometer on these is unusual: it runs off a terminal on the alternator. The alternator had been changed in the past and the replacement doesn't have that terminal.) There is a small amount of rust in two places - both typical for these Classics - the left rear door jamb, and the driver's floor. The paint is original. All power windows work well, power seats both work, the power sunroof opens and closes with a little human help, rear hatch works great with no rust and new latches, ABS brakes have been upgraded with a Range Rover P-38 ABS pump that is better than the original. A rare original cargo cover and factory jack are included. The full-time 4X4 and transfer case work fine. There are no floormats hiding anything - what you see is the original excellent carpet and the original leather seats. The passenger's seat bottom was torn and was recently re-covered in a similar leather. The mileage is around 188,000. A few weeks ago the speedometer stopped working but the odometer remained working so no miles have been lost. I found a replacement unit with only 69,000 miles and swapped it out. You will receive the old speedometer/odometer with the vehicle so you'll always have proof of the mileage. Vehicle history report provided. Come see it - looks better in person than my photos reveal.
This is very fun to drive and has a fine luxurious ride despite the age and blocky looking tires. The seats are wide, very comfortable, and put you in a high commanding position. $40,675 in 1990 or $87,600 in today's dollars!
This Classic is dependable and unique!
Matt 540-254-1698 (Landline)


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Greetings rtgoldenb. It is available. I get lots of inquiries but all from far away so nobody has looked at it yet. I'm near Roanoke, VA. Give me a shout at my landline 540-254-1698 or email: