Floor jacks


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I just bought the aluminum one from HF. We had several in Manhattan at the dealership and they held up much better than the old American stuff. They are also dirt cheap, so if something breaks we would just buy another.

Uncle Douglas

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I like the idea of the jack stand jack. Recently had a blow out on the f250 while towing. Needed to pick up the rear of an 8k truck with the additional tongue weight of the trailer with a 110 on it. Tire was a 315 75 16 but exploded and shreaded (Goodyear MTR) so rim was on the pavement. Fortunately there were a lot of wood blocks in the truck bed as it took 30 mins jacking the truck up. Jack a little, put cribbing under the axle, jack again with blocks under the jack, and then more cribbing, all durring a sleet storm.
That adjustable cradle would have made all the difference that day.


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I have the Daytona jack and used it a bunch this year. I did a test and jacked up the 90 and left it for a week. The jack didn't budge at all...

I just got one of these as my old Craftsman aluminum jack gave up ghost. The Daytona jack appears to be of good construction and works well with the little use I?ve done. It?s a burly son-bitch for the under $200 I spent on it!

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